【Lotta 個展『百怪夜行 - DUSK TILL DAWN』抽選販売について】

【Lotta 個展『百怪夜行 - DUSK TILL DAWN』抽選販売について】



All works will be sold by lottery.


You are able to see the list of art work by Lotta at Feb Gallery Tokyo.


※注意事項 Caution


The application will be accepted only one per person. If you would like to purchase several works, please apply all at the same time.


We will need you to sign a purchase agreement from.


The right to purchase is not transferable.


Please note that If the name and email address you gave us at the gallery and the name and email address you entered does not mach, You will not be able to apply.



<お申し込み方法  Application process>


You will be only able to apply at Feb Gallery Tokyo. If you would like to purchase works by Lotta, Please tell the gallery stuff.




<お申し込み受付期間  Application period>

2022/3/23(Wed) 11AM〜2022/4/10(Sun) 6PM



<当選発表  The announcement of the winner>



Only winners will be contacted by 15th April.Please configure your email inbox to receive the email from Feb Gallery Tokyo (contact@febgallery.com).

Please note that your application will be automatically canceled if we do not receive your reply by 6pm on 22nd April.




<お支払方法  Payment method>


We will email you the invoice. Please send your payment by the due date.




<作品お受け取り方法  How to receive the artwork>



We will send it to you by cash on delivery The shipping fee will be paid by the customer.

For overseas shipping we will email you the invoice including shipping fee. Please send your payment by the due date.