<新型コロナウイルス感染症の予防のためのFeb gallery Tokyoの対策>

Feb gallery Tokyo measures to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)



 An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance.

 The gallery is appropriately ventilated



 Thermometers will be used at the entrances to take visitors’ temperature. If you  have a fever of 37.5 degrees C or higher, you will not be allowed to access the  Feb gallery Tokyo.

 When crowded, admission to the exhibitions may be limited, and visitors may  be asked to wait for a while before entering.



Requests to visitors


Feb gallery Tokyo asks you to refrain from visiting our facilities if you meet either of the following criteria:


You have cold symptoms such as a fever of 37.5 degrees C (100 degrees F) or higher, cough, sneeze, and/or a runny nose



You are in poor physical condition


You have seen a doctor or taken medicine in the last 14 days because of a fever or other cold symptoms.


You are a close contact of someone with COVID-19.


You have traveled within the past two weeks to countries or regions where infections are continuing to increase and/or have had close contact with any residents of such countries or regions.



If you have a coughing fit or any other cold symptom in the exhibition galleries or other areas, our staff may ask you to leave.



Wash your hands thoroughly often



Visitors are required to wear masks (correctly). Visitors not wearing a mask (correctly) will be approached by our staff and may be asked to leave if they do not comply. In addition, visitors are urged to take further preventive measures against infection themselves as well.



In the galleries, refrain from talking as much as possible to prevent the spread of saliva droplets. In the galleries, try to keep a distance from other visitors.



Let our staff know if you feel sick while visiting a gallery or other facility of Feb gallery Tokyo.